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Welcome to my blog. I have been designing jewelry for over 12 years. It is both an artistic and spiritual outlet for me. My blog is another avenue for me to express my creativity and inspirations. My jewelry designs are a reflection of my love for color, texture, nature and spirit. By sharing where my inspiration comes from, it is my hope that you see more than just a piece of jewelry. I also share my positive life inspirations in hopes that it may ignite a divine spark in your spirit and encourage you to share it with others in your life. I welcome you to join me on this journey, sharing encouragement and inspirations along the way.

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Thursday, July 26, 2012

What is Blind Courage?

To me, COURAGE is choosing faith over fear. It's when you allow yourself to become vulnerable to things like criticism, failure, humiliation, and embarrassment, while hoping for the possibility of things like joy, acceptance, love, gratitude, heroism or just taking back your power.

BLIND COURAGE is that faithful moment when you allow your authentic self to make a soul felt decision, with good intentions, knowing without a doubt, that you can deal with the consequences.

Fear devours courage and depletes our power. Faith feeds our power which builds our courage, hence the phrase "build up the courage".

So, take your power back!!! Don't allow fear to sway your decisions, but instead, allow your true self to see the possibility that through blind courage we find our GOD given voice. This is an essential part of our existence. Without courage and faith, we are not truly living the life GOD meant for us to live.

Have a courageous day!

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